Weekend Fun

I went to the event at NOMA and saw most of The Sandwich Generation by Julie Winokur, who found herself and her husband caring for both their children and her ailing father, unexpectedly. You can see the first 11 minutes here. They are extremely honest about their feelings, but accept taking care of her father as a responsibility. The idea that my mother could end up like this in twenty or thirty years terrifies me, but at least I can try to prepare myself for the possibility.

I also went to the JAJO Expo, looked at some nice jewelry and other items, and wished that I had more money. I love the floral jewelry at Design Studio 504, it's very creative and I like anything that's handmade.

Next up was Amber Leilani. If you can afford it, check out the cuffs pictured to the right. If you're like me and want to look cute on a budget, there's other great jewelry in her online store that's a lot more affordable.

Another table that I stopped at was Paputsi, a store that sells affordable handmade baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc. I know someone who's having a baby in a few months, so I'll definitely be ordering from them soon. Items can also be embroidered with the name of the baby, as seen to the left.

ClaireRisa sells unique handmade jewelry at an affordable price. These, in particular, are my favorites on the website.

Another find was a thrift store called The Reservoir that had a couple of racks set up at the expo. I've gotten more and more into buying recycled clothes (being broke will do that), and saw several dresses for under $15 that I wanted bad. They also had shades for $8, some small hand held compacts for $3, and hammocks, something that I desperately want for the cooler weather in a few months, for only $25. I'm definitely going to this store in the next few weeks, located at 2045 Magazine St.

My last stop was Sweet Olive Soap Works, which actually has me considering giving up liquid soap and the loofah just so I can say that I bathe with Red Beans and Rice, Creole Tomato, or Muddy Mississippi. All of her soaps are handmade from organically grown fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients for healthier skin.

Finally, I went to the movies with some friends and saw Moon, starring Sam Rockwell as an astronaut who makes a shocking discovery near the end of his term manning a station on the moon. Check out the trailer below.

I thought that this movie was great, and the most thought invoking that I've seen in a while. There was suspense, mystery, a little humor, a lot of sadness, a bit of wonder...I really enjoyed it, and Sam Rockwell is a great actor. The special effects used were also very well done.

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