Katrina Anniversary - 4 Years Later

Please check out this timeline, created three years ago for the one year anniversary of Katrina.  I'm not sure if its perfect - it doesn't mention when the other levee breaches (London Ave, Lower 9th Ward) occurred, which is what I was really curious about because I could have sworn I heard somewhere that at least one of the levees hadn't broken until the day after the storm had passed.

But anyway, here are some links to some bloggers who are actual New Orleanians, because as much as I've read and studied the storm, the aftermath, and the response, I'll never completely understand what Katrina meant to New Orleans the way these people will.

Library Chronicles
Suspect Device
Humid City
Hurricane Radio
The Trumpet
American Zombie
bark, bugs, leaves, and lizards
Cliff's Crib
Cold Spaghetti
Elizabeth's Edibles
Good Nola
Lipraps's Lament
Maitri's VatulBlog
New Orleans Livejournal
New Orleans - It's Just Me
New Orleans Ladder
The G Bitch Spot
We Could Be Famous
Your Right Hand Thief

Also, this is an important article about some murders that took place in Algiers Point in the days after the hurricane.  A July 2009 update.  And here's a video of a recent CNN update to this story.

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