News Briefs: Mercy Killings, Motivated Reasoning, The Cleansing of New Orleans, Katrina Anniversary Events, Bad Flood Pumps, Bad Plastics, Gulf Restoration Task Force, Mayor Odds, Katrina's Dead, Truth About Katrina, Montgomery Film Festival

This article talks about the lessons that need to be learned from the mercy killings that took place in the days just after Katrina.

Motivated reasoning is to blame for why some morons people believe whatever the people in the TV tell them.

Some douchebaggery on how Katrina "cleansed New Orleans" of the human parasites, i.e. Black people, from some right-wing asshole I've never heard of.

More Katrina Anniversary events.

Surprise, surprise, the flood pumps are not reliable.

Check the plastics in your fridge, ASAP.

Obama is creating a Gulf Restoration Task Force to deal with wetlands erosion.

More analysis of the upcoming 2010 Mayoral Election.

This article talks about a study of the deaths during Katrina.  This one is another death index, that takes into account reasons other than the immediate Hurricane that killed people.  I met a lot of people who were getting  sick from the stress and depression of living after Katrina.

This article is an older one that lays out what really happened during Katrina.

If I had known about this, I would've gone.

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