News Briefs: Greenway Closer, Bad Pumps, Babies Discriminate Too, Bad Plastics, Delgado Fitness, Free Yoga

Via b.rox, I'm happy find out that the proposed Lafitte Greenway is very close to being a done deal.

More and even more about our non-working flood pumps.

Even babies as young as 6 months old discriminate. When will people stop making claims about "colorblindness" and how many Black friends they have? We live in a racist society. It doesn't matter how many nice things you say about your Black neighbor in front of little Johnny, he lives in a country that brainwashes it's populace with images of "evil" Black men and women every day. There's no one person or place that's influencing kids, and avoiding an open discussion of race with them will just allow them to grow up with these thoughts. Parents need to work to dismantle racist thoughts; if you only work to prevent them, you're doomed to fail. I grew up with a generation of white kids who think that they're colorblind. And let's just say, they were mistaken. No one is. And really, no one should be. People of color don't want their color ignored, we just don't want it to affect our lives in negative ways the way it tends to now.

This is an easy article about which plastic containers are safe to use, and which aren't.
How Safe is Your Plastic Container?
We have all seen the recycling emblem on the bottom of a plastic bottle, but what do the numbers inside the arrows mean? You may be surprised to find out what potential poison is containing your food or even your child's food.
Hmmm, Delgado Community College offers a 4 month membership to their fitness center for only $60. I think I may have to join...

Also, free yoga here.

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