Shadow and Act - Tyler Perry Announces "Dream Cast" for "For Colored Girls..."

I have no idea why it took me so long to post this.  It bugs me, for many reasons, that Tyler Perry is adapting and directing this film.  He may think that women are the most awesomest awesome ever, but he doesn't understand us, as evidenced in pretty much all of his films.  Also, Hollywood?   I get that he's the only Black director making you money right now, but that's because you only fund bullshit done by has-been comedians.  There are more.  Find them.  Fund them.  Please?

Breaking! Tyler Perry Announces “Dream Cast” For Adaptation Of “For Colored Girls…” & Talks About Film’s Content!

Anyway, this list of his dream cast just highlights his hackary.  This list is basically a combination of some extremely talented actresses, a few prominent older women who may or may not have acting experience, Halle Berry (because she's the most famous, prettiest Black woman ever, right?), and three famous singers who have very little acting experience.  Why not look for a few unknowns to boost to stardom?  His movies tend to be such spectacles, just chock full of every Black name he can find, and more and more often he's casting singers in parts that could be played by actresses who have honed their talents for years, if not decades.

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