News Briefs: New RTA Buses, VA Demolitions Halted, Speaking of Cutting Off Dicks...

Blogger's note:  This post is over a month old.  I was looking through my old post and saw that this one was still in draft form.  Why?  I dunno.  I could have sworn that I hit "Publish Post"!

The RTA will soon be replacing the rest of their old buses with the fancy new ones, in addition to buying the bendy busses that I hated riding on in DC when I was younger.

Mayor Mitch has delayed the demolition of 100 homes deemed historically significant in the VA footprint, until the option of relocating them can be discussed.

A South African doctor has created an anti-rape condom with teeth that trap the rapist's penis inside of the victim until help arrives.  It would be better if the item stayed clenched on the rapist, but didn't stay trapped inside of the woman.  Also:
  1. What if the victim has no way to call for help?
  2. What if the rapist gets pissed off and beats the shit out of her?  Or mutilates her in order to detach himself?
  3. How safe is it for women to walk around with objects inside of our vaginas all day?

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