Circle Food Store News

I really, really hope that they're able to get the funding to completely restore this grocery store. I feel like so many new fresh food stores, markets, and projects are being funded all over the city, yet this man has had to struggle for the money to restore a fresh market that already existed in this community prior to the flood.

Grocer forging ahead with plans to resurrect Seventh Ward’s iconic Circle Food Store | TheLensNola.org : Investigative Journalism New Orleans: "It was the place to go if you wanted to put food on the table, a uniform on your child or even a doctor’s eye on that lingering ear infection. Best known as a full-service grocery, Circle Food Store had physicians and dentists working in cramped offices a floor above the produce aisle, and a clerk to cash checks and sell school uniforms not far from a sweet-smelling bakery. It served as a one-stop shop for 7th Ward neighborhood needs long before such an integrated approach became the fodder for endless urban planning seminars."

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Anonymous said...

I hope it returns, I'd hate to see the city lose another piece of its' soul. Circle Food Store is iconic.