A little girl that I spent time with last week asked me what Orisha was I. I admitted to her that I don't know very much about Orishas, and asked her which one she thought I would be. She said "Oshun, because you're sweet..." and then we got interrupted. I finally got around to looking up Oshun. That kid's pretty perceptive.

Oshun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Ọṣhun is beneficent, generous and very kind. She does, however, have a horrific temper, one which she seldom ever loses but which causes untold destruction whenever she does. Oshun is said to have gone to a drum festival one day and to have fallen in love with the king-dancer Shango, Undergod of lightning & thunder. Since that day, Shango has been married to Oba, Oya, and Oshun, though Oshun is said to be considered his principal wife."

Falls in love with the Undergod of thunder and lightning? Totally my type of chaos.

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